Thorn & Raised - Living Succulent Book

Thorn & Raised - Living Succulent Book

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The Living Succulent Book is an up-cycle project from vintage books to give them a new life.

Each Living Succulent Book is a unique handcrafted design piece. If you have any special requests, include them in your comments at checkout. We’d love to make your plant dreams come true!

Fresh succulents are hand-selected to make a beautiful arrangement with your particular piece.

In order to protect your item during transit, we ship your Living Succulent Book in two separate pieces as a kit. The hollow book will be at the base of the box, with the plants rooted in sphagnum moss in one 5x4” piece.

When you are setting up your living book, unwrap the moss/succulent mound and carefully place it in the hollow hole of the book.

For a fresher look, we recommend that you water the plants with the dropper provided. The hole in your book planter has also been sealed with waterproof protectant.

To maintain the vibrant colors of the plants, we recommend placing the book in any brightly lit location in your home or office. They are great for coffee tables, mantle pieces, book cases, desk tops.

The Living Succulent Book is an amazing conversation starter, perfect home decor, or housewarming gift for your favorite book or plant lover.